Last weekend, it was decided which four European nations could book the last tickets for the WFC in Frederikshavn this spring.

Two qualification tournaments were played in Austria and Spain, where the two host nations welcomed nine additional floorball nations.

In EUR1, it was Norway, who already secured first place in the group on Saturday and ended up winning the group with maximum points after five victorys.

There was a tight battle for second place in this group, however, the home team from Austria ended up booking the second WFC ticket with a little help from Norway,

despite defeat in their last game. In EUR2, Estonia had a successful qualification and won all their matches in superior style, booking first place in this group.

Second place went to Slovenia, who took an important victory on the final day of play over Spain.

The 16 teams that will take part in the U19 Men’s WFC in Floorball the 26th-30th of April 2023 are:

Czech Republic, Finland, Latvia, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia, Denmark, Estonia, Austria, USA, Norway, Slovenia, Australia and Singapore.


The group ballot for the four groups took place back in December and looks like this.

Group A:

Czech Republic – Finland – Latvia – Poland

Group B:

Sweden – Switzerland – Germany – Slovakia

Group C:

Denmark – Estonia – Austria – USA

Group D:

Norway – Slovenia – Australia – Singapore

See the full game schedule here.


“We look forward to welcoming all the nations to Denmark in collaboration with Frederikshavn and Sport Event Denmark.
In collaboration with IFF, we have put together an exciting and harmonious game schedule. A lot of world-class floorball awaits every single day in Arena Nord in both arenas.

Especially on Saturday, when you couldn’t ask for a better prelude with two semi-finals before a possible Danish Play-off match, against number 4 in group B.”
says Floorball Denmark’s chairman Steen Houman.


“This year it will be the city of Frederikshavn, which kick-starts another exciting sports event year in Denmark with the U19 WFC for men in floorball.

Now we know the floorball nations that will be fighting for the medals, and it will be exciting to see who will be  crowned World Champions in Denmark in 2023,” says Lars Lundov, director, Sport Event Denmark.

Arena Nord is looking forward and will do their part to deliver a magnificent WFC, director of Arena Nord, Per Malmberg elaborates: “We at Arena Nord are incredibly proud to offer world-class floorball the 26th – 30th of April 2023.

Talents from 16 nations will play at the U19 WFC in Frederikshavn incl. Denmark and the four big floorball nations Sweden, Czech Republic, Finland and Switzerland.

Several of the young talents are already playing on the senior national team. Frederikshavn will be buzzing with Floorball throughout the period, and in addition to the players, we expect to have a great amount of guests to the delight the hotels, restaurants and business life.

We will do everything to show world-class hospitality and hope that many locals will take the opportunity to come to the arena and experience the international atmosphere.”


Ticket sales for the WFC are in full swing. You can buy day tickets, group stage packages and weekend packages. Buy your ticket here!

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