Become a Volunteer

Do you have a dream of contributing to the Men’s U19 WFC 2023?

We have a various number of different volunteer positions within different areas so you can find one or multiple roles which fit your liking and skillset.


Volunteer Recruitment

The recruitment link is now open and we will take registrations until Sunday the 5th of February 2023. After this deadline positions will be confirmed.

A final recruitment window will then open to apply for the remaining positions.

To register as a volunteer you must be able to work at least two days in the period of 24th of April to 1st of May 2023.

As a volunteer you will be given volunteer uniforms and meals during your shifts. The uniforms are for you to keep after your last shift.

You can answer the registration form in both Danish and English. 

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As a Volunteer you get:

  • A MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE – No matter if you work two days or the whole week. You will be a part of something bigger and something unique and spectacular.
  • EVENT RELATED WORK EXPERIENCE – Depending on your skillset and ambitions, roles with more or less responsibility can be applied for.
  • NEW FRIENDS – Many other volunteers with your passion will be working alongside you. You will become a member of a very special event community. While working, volunteers have entrance to a cosy and modern Volunteer hub in the Arena.
  • A PROFESSIONAL NETWORK –  Settings and possibilities are ideal for creating and nurturing connections within the Event and Sport industry.
  • WATCH FLOORBALL AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL – While working there will be time to watch some thrilling floorball first-hand in the Arena.
  • ENTERTAINMENT – A lot of different competitions, shows, performances and side-events will take place during the week.
  • AN ADDITIONAL EVENT EXPERIENCE – Volunteers are giving the possibility to work at The Danish Cup Final4 (January 14th to 15th) which also takes place in Arena Nord!


Role Descriptions


Guides Team & Referee Services
Meet team or referee group upon arrival and departure. Follow them to all their tranings, matches etc. Help them with questions and coordinate changes to the program. Coordinate and assist all request for changes to the programs. Schedule and adjust training, eating and transportation times with partners.


Commercial Partners VIP-Host
Plan the allocation of rink ads, banners, ads etc. on all locations and oversee the set-up. Make sure to comply with all given rules and regulations about promotion of commercial partners. Greet and assist VIP-guests. Show them around and give out accreditation. Make sure the VIP-lounge is always looking its best.


Fan Zone Crew – City Side-Events in Arena Nord
Facilitate activities in the Fan zone and engage visitors. Be a face of the Men’s U19 WFC 2023 and promote the event in Arena Nord. Facilitate and coordinate activities in the side-event hall in Arena Nord. Greet guests and make sure the time schedule is followed.


Technician Statistics Match Secretariat Venue Staff Rink Squad
Repair, assist and advise about IT-equipment. (Computer, printer, walkies, WIFI, jumbotron, TV and more) Keeping track of shots/saves etc. during matches and process the numbers for statistics for the website. Protocol keeper, time keeper and runner to fix rink, floor, tape etc. during matches. Prepare arena with signs, equipment and match documents prior to matches. Greet and welcome teams. Ball Kids who fix rinks, mop the floor and collect and gather balls during matches and warm-up.


SoMe Content creater Player Interviews/Mixed Zone Reporter Media Host TV Host
Create content for stories on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat in both Danish and English. Resharing of related content. Possibly creating Reels and Tiktok-videos. Interview players after every match with microphone and camera in English. Guide the players correctly through the Mixed Zone and assist media in the Mixed Zone. Write interesting articles to webpage in Danish and/or English about the tournament, results, side-events, players and more. Greet press and media and give out accreditations. Show them around the venue and be visible as their contact person. Greet TV and give out accreditations. Show them around the venue and be visible as their contact person.


Transport Accreditation Ticketing Stewards Set-up and Dismantling
Being a chauffeur for VIP-guests and officials during event. Driving will be in cars and vans. Assist the accreditations manager. Inform and brief stewards about control points. Hand out accreditations. Assist spectators with sale, control and questions about tickets and entrance to the arenas. Assist with circulation of spectators and participants. Control and management of control points and accreditation credentials. Assist with set-up of playing fields, conference and media rooms, fan zone etc. prior to the beginning of the event. Assist with dismantling of same after event has finished.


Entertainment Crew Ceremony Crew
Facilitate the role of either: Match Photographer, Jumbotron/Big screen, Lights, Speaker, DJ or coordinating intermissions and opening ceremony. One crew member will at each game facilitate the three roles of: Flag bearer, penalty bench guard and Player of the Match prize-presenter.


Flexible service function. Be able to accept any given role or tasks as you go. Demands: 18 years or older and possesion of Driver’s license.


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