Over the course of the weekend, it was determined which four European Nations which will join the other 12 qualified teams in Frederikshavn this spring.

Spain and Austria welcomed the 11 European Nations for the EUR1 and EUR2 Qualifier the 24th to 28th of January.

In EUR1 Norway celebrated already on Saturday when they secured the 1st place in the group. The team from Norway continued their winning strike and finished the event with the maximum of 10 points after five wins. The battle for secound was very close, but the home team from Austria managed to book the last ticket despite taking a defeat in their last game with some help from Norway.

In EUR2 Estonia already Saturday secured their top position in the group and rounded up the event with the maximum of 8 points after four wins.

Sunday Slovenia brough home an important win against Spain and secured the 2nd qualification spot.


The 16 teams which are going to play the Men’s U19 WFC 2023 are: Czech Republic, Finland, Latvia, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia, Denmark, Estonia, Austria, USA, Norway, Slovenia, Australia and Singapore.


Tickets are in sale and can be purchased right here!


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